Wednesday, May 4, 2016

     My name is Kaitlin and I am freshman studying Advertising/Public Relations and Spanish. I'm taking this class to fulfill an ACE requirement. I decided to take Entomology 115 because I heard how great it was through a friend, and I am glad that I did. At the beginning of the semester I really hated insects, but now after learning how essential they are to survival-- I still think they are creepy-- I appreciate them much more. I also had no idea that some (although very few) insects live in the water. I didn't take this class with the lab (Entomology 116), but wish I would've because I think I could have absorbed the information better. I never knew how interesting insects could be, and how many different types there are. I think the classification system of insects is a great organization system, being an ADPR major I love when things are organized. I honestly couldn't see myself having a career in Entomology, but I respect those who do and I will think twice about squashing a bug next time I see one.

-Kaitlin VanLoon

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