Wednesday, May 2, 2018

My name is Christian Gaylord, I am a junior here at UNL and I am majoring in health communication studies, leadership, and in business. With my different majors, I want to become a pharmaceutical salesman. This has been a very busy semester for me and I am excited to graduate early. I'm taking this class to learn more about insects and understand the different environments where they rome. I have enjoyed this class even though it was rather difficult. I'm not the best with online courses, because I forget when assignments and quizzes are due, but I have enjoyed this class.

My favorite part about the class is interacting wit the insects and watching them develop through their life cycles. One thing I have learned through the class is the different digestive system insects have; but a lot of other insects have very similar digestive systems as well.

Thank you for a wonderful experience Erin.
My name is Chris Le and I am currently a Sophomore here at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I am majoring in Business Management and the reason I took this class was to fulfill my last hours of electives. I chose this class because I thought it would be interesting to learn about the different kind of creatures that inhabit the earth and living all around us. I am always interested in science and taking this course helped broaden my perspective about how big the insect world really is.

My favorite part about this class was examining the cockroach, seeing what it eats and what kind of environment it lives in. Overall, I found this class to be very interesting and will recommend it to other college students.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

My name is Annie Burmeister, I am a freshman here at UNL and I am majoring in Communication Studies and Minoring in Leadership. I took this class because I needed some lab and science for my major and after thinking about it, I have always thought bugs were cool so why not learn a little more about it. Instead of taking chemistry, yuck, I thought why not take a class that I could enjoy! I loved having my cockroach and hornworm and watching them develop and see how they acted, that was my favorite part of the class. I also loved learning about the systems (digestive, circulatory) and how they are similar and different from ours.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Hi my name is Madeline Murray, I originally took this class as an ACE requirement and did not expect to get much out of this class, however I was happily surprised. My absolute favorite part about this class was watching the Hornworm. I have never been a huge bug person, but the tobacco hornworm was a fascinating to watch and see it go through a complete metamorphosis.

I learned a lot about the different parts of insects which was really interesting because growing up I just assumed insects where one piece, but they actually are quite a bit more complicated than that. I also enjoyed the cockroach assignment but those still freaked me out a bit more than I would like to admit. I really liked that we got to take home these insects, because I feel the best way to learn is hands on. Looking at pictures and reading the textbook is helpful but in order to really understand things (at least in my brain) is to have hands on experience. I was unable to take the lab portion of this class this semester, so I am looking forward to taking it in the fall where I believe I will have continued hands on experience with the class material. I would really recommend this class to anyone that enjoys hands on interaction, or needs to take a science ACE. People who maybe aren’t as interested in the sciences might struggle in a class such as biology simply due to the complexity and mass volume of material required, while entomology is a learning class where you get to experience insects that you might encounter in everyday life and learn a little bit more about how they work in our ecosystem.

Taking entomology is a class that could really be enjoyable even if you aren’t the biggest fan of bugs (I know this because I don’t like bugs at all and I still really found this an enjoyable class).
My name is Jensyn Labadie and I'm a sophomore at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. I am a double major in English and journalism and I took this course to fulfill the ACE requirement I needed of science with a lab. I was a little nervous about this class at first because I'm not too fond of bugs, but it turned out to be pretty interesting and helped me appreciate all the little insects on Earth. I have learned a lot about bugs such as their scientific names, their mouthparts, their metamorphosis, etc.

I've never been a huge science person, so this class was perfect to fill my requirement because I actually learned something that was pretty interesting. My favorite part of the class was the tobacco hornworm assignment. Although my worm didn't grow very fast, it was still interesting to watch and see him develop even a little. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone needing a science with a lab.
Hi my name is Anna Schuett and I am a sophomore at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I took this entomology course to fill an ace requirement. I am an elementary education major, so I chose this as my science class along with the lab. I can honestly say that I didn't realize all the aspects of insects that I could learn about. I can't look at the ground without seeing some type of bug and knowing part of their scientific name or even what kind of mouthpart it has. Also I have learned the functions of their body systems, and how it compares to humans.

I think that it is a unique course I wouldn't have gotten to experience any other time in my school career. My favorite assignment was working with the Tobacco Hornworm. It is still transforming from the pupa stage to the adult stage. I can't believe how far it has come. It used to be in a tiny vial and now I have it in a large tupperware container. This report was a really great learning experience because I took what I listened to in the course and applied it in my own life. I am able to see the full cycle of the insects life and that is my favorite part.
Hi my name is Elizabeth Mattern and I am a sophomore at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. I am interested in campaign building, writing, motion design and graphic design which is why I am a student at the College of Journalism and Mass Communications with a declared Advertising and Public Relations major. With my major I was required to take a science class with a lab. I chose entomology because I grew up attending many outdoor camps as a kid and had always had an interest in bugs. My favorite project was the hornworm report. My hornworm was much more exciting than my cockroach. It was really interesting seeing the molting process. I have learned so much about different insects and how necessary they are for the environment. I liked learning about biotechnology. This was something I was unfamiliar with prior to this class and I reading different studies and lab reports on biotechnology really was interesting.

I found this class to be interesting and I have recommended it to a lot of my friends who are in need of a science with a lab!