Tuesday, April 12, 2016

5 Strange Insects

Who doesn't love abnormalities? Today, I wanted to explore and showcase some not-so-everyday insects. These insects are strange and fascinating and have some really cool features that are worth learning more about!

5. Brazilian Treehopper
This is one of the strangest looking bugs on this list! This insect feeds on sap from tree stems. It lives in tropical areas and are similar to cicadas. The strange spheres on its head seemingly have no function at all. The only possible hypothesis is to scare of predators, otherwise it just makes it one odd-looking insect.

4. Puss Moth Caterpillar
This creepy masked caterpillar uses mimicry as a defense. Mimicry means the insect will mimic another more dangerous insect in order to protect itself. When touched, this caterpillar will reveal a face, and the face will follow you. It's even spookier in person.

3. Atlas Moth
Although average looking in its caterpillar strange, this moth is the largest in the world with a 10 inch wingspan! These moths are nicknamed 'Cobra Moths' because at the tip of each wing there is a resemblance to a snake. This is a great defense strategy for the moth if flying away with those giant wings isn't enough!

2. Antlion
This insect is also called a Doodle bug because it resembles a doodle in the sand. The Antlion will build traps in the sand to capture ants and other small bugs to eat.

1. Elephant Beetle

Elephant Beetles are covered in microscopic beetles, mostly found in Mexico, Central America, and South America. The large horns are used for defense and fighting between males.


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