Thursday, April 28, 2016

ENTO 115

I am a student in Insect Biology this semester! It has been a great learning experience, especially when we kept the insects as pets. I am in this class to continue working towards a degree in Forensic Science. At first I was grossed out when I heard that I needed to take a bug class to earn my degree, but being in this class and the lab has completely changed my outlook. I have learned so much throughout this journey, and I am definitely more comfortable with bugs than I was before. I really enjoy when I see different insects and I am able to identify them, or I know different aspects about them that I have learned in class. With my forensics degree I would love to work on a CSI team or do anything in the criminal justice system. I think that my knowledge of bugs in this field will be especially helpful. The next entomology class that I will take is Forensic Entomology and I am very excited to be in that class as well. Now that I know the basics of entomology, it will be awesome to further my knowledge in the field that I am interested in. I would recommend this science class to anyone who is looking for an enjoyable class. It is a lot to learn and memorize, but I think that it has been very beneficial to me and to the others who have taken the class.
Kylie Ham

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