Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hey everyone, my name is Ben Wolf and I am actually an accounting major. I took this class not only because I needed an elective to wrap up my undergrad here at UNL but because I have always had a fascination with Insects. Through grade school my Dad worked at the Lincoln Children's Zoo, which was an awesome place for your Dad to work when your a kid. I got a lot of behind the scenes views of the Zoo. Although my Dad was a horticulture major and mostly worked with the different types of plants at the Zoo, he also has a fascination of insects and was asked to help construct and manage the Butterfly Pavillon in the Zoo. I learned a lot about butterflies through this and even helped my older brother with his high school science fair project, which he did on butterfly chrysalis. A few years back I started working on a landscape crew and observed a lot of different insects and found myself not only admiring  insects but also finding respect for the less appealing ones. I decided I should take a Entomology class at UNL the next time I got a chance, and while it was some years later here I am.

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