Friday, April 29, 2016

ENTO 115

Hello everyone!

My name is Hailey Walton and I am currently finishing up my Junior year here at UNL. I am in this class as a requirement, however I think that it is one of the more interesting and hands on learning experiences i've had this year! I am an Elementary Education student and at first I thought it was interesting that this class was a requirement. However, now I realize that a lot of the information learned here relates to information I learned back when I was in elementary school. For instance, when I was an elementary age student, I remember doing projects with rolly pollys and also with butterflies. For the butterfly experiment, we received caterpillars and then observed them over a period of time until they hatched into butterflies. Also, another connection I made between my major and this course was from a practicum experience I had earlier this year. I was teaching my 4th grade class during reading. The article that they were reading was about BT corn and the benefits and consequences from it. Each student then had to take a stance on this issue. Looking back on it now, it is interesting to see just how much of this courses information is really incorporated into reading and science lessons in the classroom today!

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