Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hello Everyone! My name is Katrina and I am currently a freshman at UNL enrolled in Entomology 115. When I was younger I would always play with bugs and catch them and build habitats for them in jars. I thought it was so much fun to watch them crawl around and explore what I had just created for them. For Entomology 115 we had to do something similar, but with a cockroach. Bugs have never made me nervous and I usually do not mind being in their presence, but being around a cockroach was a different story. Providing a habitat of a plastic terrarium with coconut husk laid on the bottom was fun to put together, but handling the cockroach made me slightly nervous and I was not entirely sure how I should handle one. I named my cockroach lil Squish because she was not very little and my roommates wanted nothing to do with my new pet, but squish her. It took me a couple of days to become comfortable with my new pet and towards the end of my three week period with her I realized that cockroaches could be considered a perfect pet to own. Cockroaches do eat more than you would expect, but they will eat mostly anything I learned so there is no need to go to a pet store and purchase fancy food. You do not have to clean cockroaches because there are small bugs that live on the cockroach and constantly clean him/her. I never would have expected to have owned a cockroach as a pet, but after doing so I have learned a lot and that having one as a pet is quite enjoyable! 

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