Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hey Bloggers! My name is Maci Hunke.  I am a freshman here at UNL and just recently declared my major to Elementary Education.  I took ENTO115 because it fulfilled my science requirement for my major.  I will be taking ENTO116 next semester to fulfill my lab requirement.  There were other options I could take to fulfill the lab requirement but I enjoyed 115 and found it interesting enough to continue learning about insects and take ENTO116 as my lab requirement.  I regret not taking them both at the same time, but I can only live and learn from my mistake at this point.  Before taking ENTO116, I had no knowledge about insects and actually despised them.  Now, after having two pet insects and learning what good use insects can be, I find them very interesting and know how important they are to our environment.  I not only learned about how beneficial they can be, but also how harmful they can be.  As the end of the semester approaches, I will take my knowledge I learned about entomology and use it periodically throughout the rest of my life when I'm helping my dad farm and when I have a garden of my own.  I will also recommend this course to future freshmen who ask me to help them with their schedule.  

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