Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hi, my name is Saeyoung Byun and I am an Elementary Education major at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Before I took ENTO 115, 116 classes, I was not interested in insects at all. But the more I learn about insects, the more I am interested in them. I found them to be rather interesting and unique. One thing I found very interesting about insects is their social behaviors. Termites and ants leave trails and communicate with each other using pheromones as chemical signals. Social insects work together to find food and other resources, and communicate their location to others in the community. They can mount a vigorous defense of their home and resources when under attack. They can outcompete other insects, and even larger animals, for territory and food. Social insects can quickly construct a shelter, and expand it as needed. They can divide chores in a manner that ensures everything gets done expeditiously. I think insects’ social behaviors are awesome!

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